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Meal and Workout Planning

It’s been a rough week in terms of writing on the blog. I usually have a ton of ideas and inspiration but when it comes down to putting it to paper (computer?), it’s a lot harder. When it comes to scientific writing, it’s so much easier…but then again, I’ve spent most of my life writing that way. I’m hoping that over time, my non-scientific writing skills (aka blog writing) will improve. You just gotta do it, right?

For those who have a difficult time with a journal - to start an entry it's okay to wright the same thing over and over and over again or a list of what you did that day, it will spark other thoughts. #quote #exercisethewritingmuscle #coolquote

Most of the bloggers and fitness experts advocate for using Sundays as days for planning and prepping meals and workouts for the week. I definitely see how planning ahead and prepping ahead keeps one “in line” with his or her goals. It’s harder for me to stick with any plans, especially when it comes to meals, since fiancé and I tend to eat whatever it is we’re craving for the day. But I do try to cook 80% of our meals at home and we are 80% consistent with our workouts, so I think we do a pretty good job. It’s all about balance and doing what works for you.


Despite not doing the whole meal planning thing, what makes it easy to be on track with our meals is that we’re (well, mostly me) pretty simple with our meals. Usually it’s a combination of a source of protein, carbs, and veggies. For me, lunches are either leftovers from last night’s dinner, salads, or sandwiches. I’ll also bring lots of snacks and fluids with me to get me through the day. Breakfast is either oatmeal with PB and fruit, or a homemade egg mcmuffin sandwich. Because my meals are generally pretty basic (but tasty!), it’s pretty easy not to fall off track with my meals.

With the Ragnar Relay and Nike Womens Half Marathon coming up, I need to be more consistent and strategic with my training, so I am going to make more of an effort to plan my workouts during the week. This will definitely help me get in and out of the gym, especially now that I am starting work back up again and needing to commute 2 hours a day (ew and ouch!).

This week’s plan:

  • Sunday: Runday, 5 miles (done)
  • Monday: Foamrolling (lots of it!), light cardio (crosstraining), and ab work
  • Tuesday: 3 miles with intervals/speedwork, chest/arms
  • Wednesday: Leg day
  • Thursday: 3 miles with intervals/speedwork, back
  • Friday: 6 miles?
  • Saturday: off