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Keeping Up With The Jones

I’m not talking about keeping up in terms of materialistic things, money, or things like that. Rather, lately I’ve definitely been thinking about how hard it is to keep up with the big-time content producers on social media (e.g., blogs, twitter, facebook, and so forth).

A part of the problem is that I still feel like I’m in a transition mode: I’m temporarily staying with family until my full-time position starts, I’m in a temporary admin gig, and I’m commuting to that gig at least 2.5 hours a day. This is extremely different that my life just about a month ago, especially the part where I had time and energy to consistently get a good workout in (so important to me!), let alone write/blog. I am also still trying to figure out how much I want to be “out” there in the social media world. Navigating as a mental health professional and wanting to maintain some anonymity because of the nature of my work is also another problem.

A part of me criticizes myself and calls me “lazy” and “not good enough.” Too lazy to get up early to go work out. Too lazy to spend some time to come up with some really great content. Not good enough or smart enough to come up with interesting stuff. And then I have to remind myself to be compassionate with myself…that it’s ok. The world isn’t going to end and I’m still making choices that are consistent with my values. Like getting more sleep and rest to take care of my body, instead of pushing it to work out and fatigue my body even more. Being thoughtful about what I actually do write about (e.g., things that are important or inspiring to me, rather than just any old topic). Or spending time hanging out with the fiance rather than being on the computer (after being on the computer for work for 7+ hours).

That being said, time for date night!

Have a great weekend!

Any tips on how to navigate the professional and social media world? Or how to fight fatigue to come up with some good content?