Life Lately

Postdoc life has almost gotten into full swing…while I’m not completely on my “home” unit full time yet, I’m back to working full days and commuting…which will be at least an hour each way pretty soon since I’m moving! I’m not too excited about having a longer commute, but I definitely am excited to be living closer to the City (i.e., SF) and things to do (not that I can really afford it…I owe Auntie Sallie a lot of money). The last few weeks have been full of orientation and introductory training (stay away from broken tiles- there might be asbestos! don’t take your keys home…otherwise you will have to come all the way back and return them, no matter how far away you live! don’t get into elevators by yourself with inmates!)

I usually get home, hit the gym/run, then make dinner. By the time I settle in, it’s about 8-9pm and my brain doesn’t want to function…which means no capacity to study for licensing (which I really need to do) or blogging (which I really want to do). On top of all of this, I’ve been apartment hunting (glad that’s over with now) and trying to start wedding planning…needless to say, all is pretty stressful and overwhelming, all at once. I’m hoping that when we’re finally in our own space and I get my fur-baby back, things will fall into place and I’ll have a routine that consistently includes studying and blogging =).

Can’t wait to get this cutie patootie pie back!




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